Recovery forum hits the road

Kate Gail Allen from Griffith.jpg

Above: Kate, Gail and Allen from Griffith

This years’ Recovery Forum program was a great success, with over 250 people who access Flourish Australia services attending the event. Everyone who came enjoyed the day, which involved sharing stories of recovery, learning about diversity, hearing from other peoples experiences and trying our hand at peer work.

Travelling to 15 different locations across NSW and South East Queensland, the forum was accessible to many people, especially those who reside in rural and remote locations.
Pam Rutledge, Flourish Australia’s CEO, was very pleased with the outcome. “Seeing people embrace this forum demonstrates the strong bonds that develop across our organisation, between staff and people who access the service.”

Rodney Rachel Elizabeth and Justin from Goulburn

Above: Rodney, Rachel, Elizabeth and Justin from Goulburn

This year, participation was extended to families and carers, staff, as well as local community partners.

Flourish Australia’s Manager Peer Workforce Peter Farrugia, who facilitated the forums, was excited to see interest from local communities. “We welcomed a number of peer workers from partner organisations, who participated in the forum. It was great to be able to showcase what Flourish is all about,” he said. “I must also thank my colleagues Clare Evans and Annie Sykes for their fabulous co-facilitation support.”

There is one function left to facilitate, dedicated to young people accessing Flourish Australia.

Michael, Russell, George Monica and Ray from Flowerdale Liverpool

Above: Michael, Russell, George, Monica and Ray from Flowerdale, Liverpool

“The final forum will be held in the July school holidays at the Figtree Conference Centre,” said Pam Rutledge. “We want to make sure young people have an opportunity to come together and share their thoughts and ideas,” she said.

The youth recovery forum is scheduled for Monday 3rd July at Figtree Conference Centre. Any young people wanting to attend should speak to their local service manager.


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