Flourish Australia CEO Pam Rutledge announces move towards retirement

Pam Wings

Pam taking wing at Mardi Gras 2017

Announcement made Tuesday, 11th of April 2017

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After seven years as CEO of Flourish Australia/RichmondPRA/Richmond Fellowship of NSW, and after more than forty-five years working in the health and community sectors, I have decided that the time is right to move towards retirement.

I wanted to let you know directly and early that I have arrived at this decision after enormous thought, and with the future of Flourish Australia and the people who access our services foremost in mind. With the organisation having gone through significant change, and being so well positioned to grow even further in coming years, I simply feel there is a good window of opportunity for new hands to take Flourish Australia to the next levels.

Arrangements are being made for a smooth transition, with a view to me stepping down at the end of the calendar year. The Board will soon commence an independent recruitment process to canvass, internally and externally, for the next CEO. Until then it will be business as usual, with me continuing full CEO responsibilities. I will ensure that the CEO hand-over is smooth.

I have been extraordinarily privileged to have the opportunity to lead this fine organisation over the last seven years. Everything we have done in this time has been the result of teamwork and collaboration at every level grounded in a commitment to learn from and value lived experience, co-design and person-led service. This means that we have a strong and resilient organisation which will continue to thrive independent of any one individual.

And while I look forward to having a slightly quieter life, and more time to spend with my family and grandchildren (yes, another is on the way!), I hope to maintain some involvement in the sector, specifically through my membership of the Mental Health Review Tribunal and other opportunities that may arise. I would like to think that we will still cross paths from time to time.

I have many mixed feelings and emotions at this time, an obvious one being that I will greatly miss the people who make this organisation what it is – the staff, those who access our services, our Board and our many partners and colleagues. An upside is that there will be time for me to thank many of you personally, for your many contributions and support, over the course of the year, something that is a privilege and priority for me.

For now though, let’s do what we do well, living our values and delivering high quality recovery-oriented supports, and make 2017 as extraordinary as previous years. There is much to do, and it’s all systems go.

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