Fashion: How to look (and feel) Extraordinary for Mardi Gras

Mark and friend by Milin 0Q9A6388.jpg

Above: Mark Anacki from Figtree Conference Centre and Nicole Collins from our Nowra service, both looking foxy

A lot of people go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they look just right for Mardi Gras and Mark Anacki is certainly one of them. The one-time fashion student and make-up buff appeared in a costume that complemented the green and purple livery of our Flourish Australia contingent, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it went one step beyond.

Mark is a hospitality worker in Flourish Australia’s Figtree Conference Centre and he usually sports a more sombre basic black and white look while on duty. But for this one day of the year he came complete with yellow chains, exotic eye and face make up, atavistic contact lenses and the piece de resistance, a head dress that must have been the envy of all Oxford Street on the night.

The overall ‘look’ that we wanted according to Flourish Australia’s Jas Buchal was to have the common element of green but to allow each person to accessorise to express their own personalities.

It seemed that rainbow fairy wings were very much in vogue, in fact our participation was partly built around that element. ‘Things have to light up,’ Jas explained, ‘in a way which accentuates everyone’s bright and bubbly personalities.’

Jas said ‘I was impressed by the lengths that people went to – people put a massive amount of effort into their own individual interpretation of our Flourish Australia look.’

This has been Flourish Australia’s second Mardi Gras, and the first with our own float. Maybe next year we’ll have our own fashion label!

FullSizeRender 19.jpg

Pictured above (clockwise from left): Mark Anacki, Jade Ryall, Mark Orr, Annie Sykes, and Jas Buchal (in green wig)


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