You need a holiday! From Poppet Head to the Hot Glass Gallery at West Wyalong

Miners Hut West Wyalong story.jpg

Flourish Australia’s services run regular field trips as part of their monthly calendars of activities. These calendars are put together by the people who access our services together with the staff. Here is a peek at one such outing from the Leeton and Griffith services.

One of the first thing the Leeton/Griffith people visited on their West Wyalong outing was the Poppet Head. In case you don’t know what a poppet head is, that’s a picture of it at bottom left. It’s part of a mine. Mining is part of the history of West Wyalong and there are even some old miner’s huts still there like the one pictured above.

We were able to enjoy West Wyalong’s Wetlands Walk where we learned plenty of new things about how different trees and plants are used.

Tower West Wyalong story.jpg
We visited the Exclusive Hot Glass Gallery with unique handcrafted glass creations. All the glass is hand made on the premises by Elaine Marshall, Glass Artist.

We had some lunch at one of the local bakeries. While eating and reflecting on what we had done so far, we were surprised to find that we were running out of time, and there was so much more to see! So we broke up into two groups as some people wanted to see the op shops and second hand shops and other people wanted to do the West Wyalong Heritage walk.

In October, West Wyalong held an India In the West Festival. Did you know that India and Australia have ties dating back to the 1792? The British settlers in the young NSW colony were starving but were rescued by a supply ship dispatched from Kolkata (Calcutta) in India. Seven years later, Australia made its first export: Coal from Newcastle to India. By 1840 a ship was leaving Sydney for India roughly every four days, which is better than the rail service from Sydney to West Wyalong!

The group enjoyed their day out learning about another town’s history. So much so that we plan to return to West Wyalong to finish off our mission, do a bit of sight- seeing and also visit the nearby Lake Cowal gold mines.

Reported by Glen Birmingham

At the Glass Gallery, West Wyalong.jpg


Noel Hogan Centre, 13-15 Kurrajong Avenue, Leeton, NSW 2705

5/26 Ulong Street, Griffith, NSW 2680

1300 779 270

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