Mediocre Fitness levels?

Aussies are lagging behind in both cardio and strength training. Nooooooo!

40 years ago Australia was in the World Cup Football final. Now, a set of studies being led by the University of South Australia show that Australia’s youth do not match up to their heart-lung fitness levels of 40 years ago. (Puddy, 2016)

We know that physical fitness is important and we know that it is especially important for mental health recovery. However, Less than 20 per cent of Australian children do the 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous exercise recommended for them by experts. (Puddy, 2016)
Cardiovascular (heart and lung) fitness is a good measure of general fitness. Our children’s fitness levels have dropped by four or five percent per decade since the 1970s. (Puddy, 2016)

This makes you wonder what all the gyms are for. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that there are 3,300 gyms in Australia now, up 1,100 from five years ago. (Berry, 2016).
A study of 200,000 people led by Dr Jason Bennie of Victoria University’s Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living’ recently reported that around 90 per cent of Australians do not meet the national recommendations for twice weekly strength training. (Berry, 2016)

Strength training is not about developing muscles on your muscles a la Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s about putting the strength into the muscles you already have.


If you do nothing else, at least WALK. It is recommended that adults should take at least 10,000 steps every day, however the Australian Bureau of Statistics survey for 2011-12 shows that we average only about 7,400 a day. So there is room for improvement all round!


Berry, S. (2016, May 10). Why we need to get lifted: nine out of 10 Australians do not do enough weight training. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Puddy, r. (2016, June 8). Aussie Kids also-rans in the race for fitness. The Australian

The minute Clare heard about our mediocre fitness levels, she ran straight to the park for an aerobic tree hugging session.

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