Flourish Learning Network


One of the main goals of Flourish Australia’s Recovery Action Plan has been to establish a kind of ‘recovery college.’ We moved a step closer to this in August with the arrival of Ros Christopoulos (pictured above), Senior Manager of the Flourish Learning Network.

‘I am in the initial phase of familiarising myself to get a clear understanding of how the network will fulfill Flourish Australia’s vision’ Ros told Panorama.

‘I will be focussing on the two pilot sites, Newcastle and Wollongong’ said Ros. ‘I have already visited the services at both Wollongong and Newcastle to spend time meeting with staff. I have also been engaging in some of the events and partnerships currently running, including the Russian multicultural day in Wollongong.

‘Another was the AIR (Arts in Recovery) program, a multi-organisation partnership with the Newcastle Community Arts Centre. This has also provided me with the opportunity to meet the people accessing our services.

‘It is also exciting to report that Wollongong University has now been funded to research the needs of students who will be accessing the Flourish Learning Network.

‘I will be attending the MIND Recovery College conference ‘Exploring establishment of an Australasian Recovery College Community of Practice’. This will be a great opportunity to establish networks and source information’.

We are pleased to see the interest in the Flourish Learning Network and as the pilot programs evolve we will keep you updated and informed on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

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