Dancing: Get up and ROCK !


Alas, our regular canine contributor Fluffy Sam the dog passed away in 2015. He left many funny stories including this one which embodies the lively spirit of recovery… and risk! Translated from the Canine by his Master KEN HUA, who is alive and well and still the

Chairman of Country Cottage

FLUFFY SAM THE DOG: Ah, Golden Boy, let me tell you something. Last night, Your Father, Our humble Master the Chairman was rocking heavily at Smithfield R.S.L.

GOLDEN BOY: [Astonished] Really?

FLUFFY SAM: He went there not only to watch the show but also to socialize with other people. The band was ‘Australia’s True Blue Brothers.’ and there were two female singers singing heavy music which our Master found quite entertaining. I didn’t think he would enjoy such loud and heavy music, but he did. At the beginning, our Master was hesitating about whether he should go on to the dancing floor and rock through the night; then he held a deep breath and said to himself: ’Let’s do it.’ So the next minute he was on the dancing floor!

… some of the audience did not have the guts and enthusiasm to get up and rock…

GOLDEN BOY: ‘Tell me, Fluffy Sam, did our Master dance a LOT?’

FLUFFY SAM: Well, MODERATELY, because there was not much of a response from the OTHER members of the audience. Believe it or not, some of the audience did not have the guts and enthusiasm to get up and rock like our Master!’

GOLDEN BOY: That’s amazing, I would not have thought in my wildest dreams that our dear friendly humble Master would get up on the dance floor to do some heavy rock. Please give my compliments to him!’

FLUFFY SAM: ‘Our Master told me that you don’t see very many OTHER Australian Chinese people come to watch the live show.’

GOLDEN BOY: Oh, that is a pity that they do not join our Master there. Perhaps they only watch the ethnic shows! Do you think that our Master will be rocking at the Smithfield RSL Club in the future?’

FLUFFY SAM: ‘I can’t see why not. Let’s rock and roll to Smithfield RSL Club!’

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