Wellness Walk Self Talk

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The things we tell ourselves can make all the difference. Have you ever listened to your own self-talk. LARRY BILLINGTON, (who accesses our service at Surry Hills and doubles as Chairman of the Community Advisory Council) has given us this step by step account of his thoughts while participating in the Wellness Walk.

Five Kilometres, across the Harbour Bridge and back. That sounds like a long way. But I registered online yesterday…so here goes.

How will I get there? Will I last the distance? I’ll need to hydrate. I’ll need to drink a lot of water.

It’s about recovery, but how will this ultimately help me?

Ready? Go. Keep moving one foot in front of the other. Breathe in-out, in-out. Puff, cough, wheeze. Where’s my water bottle? I can hear a song coming to me:

I need to recover, I need a walk

How can I listen, to all this talk

Oh for a better life, oh for a wife

How could I ever do Wellness Walk?

I need this game, for me to reframe.

My heel hurts already. But I’ll Muddle through.“Is it this way, officer?” Take a picture. Click.

Slurp, guzzle, drip. How far to go? Four Kilometres. Past Circular Quay, lots of ferries.

Maybe I should quit now. Can I go back? But what will they say of me? Will I be ostracized . . . castigated . . . . outcast? Keep going…

I need music, I need song

Play me a tune, I may be wrong it’s all a drag, oh for a fag

Run on Daisy, make my head hazy

I like good talk, I like wine

can’t she praise me all of the time?

Time for a selfie? Click. I so wanted to do this. But, now? Keep moving! Step up. Come on , mate!

Gee , I’m thirsty. Here is the South Pylon of the Harbour Bridge. Can I still do this? I don’t know. But I promised her I would. Join us for another selfie? Click.

Phew. I’m regressing, not recovering here. Two Kilometres…

Open your eyes, then you’ll realise

I don’t care, I have no share.

Of your bad talk, and my poor walk

It’s plain to see, but I cannot be

Raise your eyes, my best ties

I’ll complete this damned ol’ feat.

More water! Slurp, guzzle, drip. Onto the Harbour Bridge. Turn around. I can’t.

I want to sit. How will I get back? “Hi Pamela. No, I’m OK. Just resting. You keep walking.” She’s offering to help me. No, Ill get there. I’m determined.

Now I’m seeing double. Keep going big fella. Another selfie? Click. Three Kilometres

Slurp, Guzzle. Drip. Now my knees are sore. I’m falling behind. Will I . . . . . .? Enough already.

Round the South Pylon big man. Keep going. More steps, down. Selfie? Click. Click.

How far now? I don’t think I . . . They’ve all left me. I’m too slow now. Not far now? Need a drink. Slurp. Guzzle. Drip.

Almost there. Which way home? Not far now, Sir. You’ll make it. Don’t worry you’re the last.

Despite the hurt, and a wet shirt

Although I’m late and yet to gate

It’s been a slog, I feel a fog

I may not finish, and sadly say,

I recover every day, in every way.

I see it. 5km Hooray. I did it. We did it. I’m exhausted. I’m out of water. Can I . . . .?

No, they cleaned up before. Where is everybody? All those walkers? Oh, they all dispersed an hour ago , mate. We’re just here to clean up the trash. See you next year.

Oh well, I can celebrate alone. Gee I’m dry. Gee I’m tired. Yes, that has helped me in my recovery process. Just to have done it, with others.

Now to walk on home. What a great Wellness Walk. I feel great, now.

The Wellness Walk is an annual event hosted by the Sunflower Foundation. This year, Flourish Australia raised money towards its Women and Children’s Program

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