Grevillea Cottage closure

Grevillea 2.jpg

Warren Heggarty

Dedication and a can-do attitude as well as compassion: these were all part of the operation of Grevillea Cottage, a PARC project operated by RichmondPRA and Mt Druitt Hospital from 2015-2016 which came to a close at the end of the financial year.

The project was all too short-lived because the funding was only available for a limited time. In the course of Grevillea Cottage’s operation, the project provided many learning opportunities that will be useful for future endeavours. The data they collected will also provide evidence for future programs.

PARC means “prevention and recovery centre.” The idea was to provide a way for people to avoid hospital admissions, either with a step-up (moving from home into the cottage) or with a step-down (moving from the hospital into the cottage). You can read more about this in the March 2016 edition of Panorama.

Outgoing manager, Alexander Avenarius, said that the step-up part of the program was particularly successful.

“This has demonstrated that a PARC can be a genuine alternative to an inpatient admission for some people experiencing a deterioration in their mental health.”

Once again, Alex said, it has also shown, “the great value of close partnerships between (NSW) Health and NGOs (like Flourish Australia) and the amazing things that such collaboration achieves for the people we support.”

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