Going GREEN in the kitchen


Is it possible for all of us to acquire the taste for green food? Warren Heggarty reports.

Green Smoothies

In other culinary news, Panorama heard from Karina that our friends at Flourish Australia Queanbeyan have been doing Green Smoothie groups twice a month. It’s simple: everyone brings their own vegetables to the kitchenette, and they use them to make a nutritious, fibre-filled treat. Did you know that most people will find Green Smoothies just as tasty as those expensive fizzy drinks, but without the sugar or fat? Plus, as the Green Smoothie class is run as a group, there’s a social element to it, too!

One of the Queanbeyan participants was so impressed that they hastened to purchase their own blender from a local variety store so they could make Green Smoothies at home. Last we heard, they were planning on making an apple-ginger-cucumber smoothie.


Green Breakfast


In other GREEN news, Sue from Flourish Australia Tamworth tells us that when they first tried to get people interested in eating green foods, it was a bit slow to take off. However, our Tamworth location has been using their regular breakfast program to gradually add more and more green stuff to the menu, and now they’ve finally progressed all the way to a Zucchini Slice.

By going the slow and steady route, the participants had enough time to adjust to the new tastes without being grossed out. The moral of the story is that nutritious eating, like all the finer things in life, is a bit of an acquired taste, and ALL of us can acquire it!

For more information on anything diet or health related, check with Jade Ryall, the Manager of Back on Track Health (BOTH) right here:


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