Flourish Australia promotes a healthy lifestyle for all

Good physical health and good mental health just go together. Panorama has featured many stories about how our services are supporting us in taking responsibility for maintaining good physical health. But did you know that we provide this support is for the staff as well?

First off, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways Flourish Australia is fostering a culture where healthy lifestyle choices are valued and encouraged, followed by one small initiative we’ve got over at Head Office: standing desks…

For starters, we are going to develop (and evaluate) quarterly health plans at the local level. Each of our sites will set out a range of activities that are formulated to promote healthy lifestyles. Some of the things Flourish Australia will be doing include…

  • Providing information about healthy eating choices
  • Supporting people to quit smoking by offering smoking cessation programs
  • Promoting active participation in physical activities by including hands-on fun things at organisational events
  • Ensuring that the food and beverages we offer within the organisation meet nutrition guidelines and, where possible, individual dietary requirements
  • Providing appropriate safe food handling training to any staff member responsible for the preparation and serving of food
  • Harm minimisation information for potentially harmful activities such as alcohol consumption or risky sex (Flourish Australia, 2016)

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOCUS: Standing up for health

Flourish Australia has invested in furniture that enables people to stand up while working at their computers – as demonstrated by Workforce Development Manager John Maraz in the picture below.

John standing.jpg

One of the problems with sitting down in an office for long periods of time is that, according to some studies, it causes back pain, contributes to type 2 diabetes and is not good for your heart (Crew, 2015).

One recent study by the universities of Exeter and London in the UK reveals that the real reason that SITTING is bad for you is that you aren’t moving. When you are standing up, you’ll find it much easier to move around more and THAT is where the health benefit comes from (Medical Xpress, 2015).

So what does John think about his standing desk?

“Sometimes it gets to the afternoon before I realise that I’ve been standing all day,” says John, “and that makes me feel good! It’s really great!”

Now that you know about the many health advantages of standing desks we hope that you want to find out more. This article from Reviews.com can help you to compare the best standing desks to suit your needs and budget:


Physical Health Community of Practice

People with a common interest in supporting the physical health of the people who access our services meet by teleconference every month. If this interests you, then call Jade Ryall, Manager of the Back On Track Health program, on:

(02) 9393 9007


Crew, B. (2015, October 15). Sitting for long periods of time is no worse for your health than standing study claims. Retrieved from Science Alert: http://www.sciencealert.com/sitting-for-long-periods-is-no-worse-for-your-health-than-standing-study-claims

Medical Xpress. (2015, June 1). Get up and stand for at least two hours daily during work hours. Retrieved from Medical Xpress: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-10-worse-health-uk.html

Flourish Australia. (2016, June ). Healthy Lifestyle policy DRAFT . Retrieved from Chirp-

Flourish Australia’s intranet site: https://chirp.flourishaustralia.org.au/system/files/news/Healthy%20Lifestyles%20Policy%2017.06.16.pdf

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