Cooking it our way

Rosita cant wait to try it out.jpg

Rosita (above) can’t wait to try out some great, new recipes from the COOKING FOR ONE COOKBOOK!

“Cooking for One” is an eight week program which started at Buckingham House, Surry Hills, back in May, and is based on Chef Amanda Perkins’ fabulous cookbook of the same name. As the title spells out, the course teaches you how to handle, prepare and cook a meal for one. It also deals with how to budget and shop for a week’s worth of meals.

The Cooking for One course originated as a follow-on group from the New Moves program (which is now up to its third class), and it was designed to give the participants a chance to further stretch the healthy eating skills they’d acquired in New Moves.

The key reasoning behind Cooking for One is that most cookbooks concentrate on cooking for groups, but many of the people who access our services only need to budget for one. However, we think that the recipes are so good that people will want to come to your place and join in anyway!

“Participants in the course are getting a complimentary copy of the cookbook so that they can try it out at home as well,” Amanda informed us.

Even before the very first Cooking for One program kicked off at Buck House, other Flourish Australia services from as far apart as Ulladulla and Tamworth have shown an interest in running it. It’s hoped that the program will travel right across our many locations, as there are a lot of people who access our services who would benefit from learning such practical, useful skills.

The recipes include oregano lemon chicken with bean salad, “Cheap & Cheerful” beef curry, Bolognese with short pasta and cheese, and lamb chop with Greek pasta salad, as well as many more. The recipes, plus everything else a beginner needs to know about the kitchen, is all available in the Cooking for One Cookbook!

If your service has a kitchen, or even just a kitchenette (as Karina from Queanbeyan described their modest outfit) please consider running the Cooking for One course. You (or your peer worker or another Flourish Australia employee) can find the file here:

S:\RichmondPRA_Shared_Resources\Community of Practice- Physical Health and Wellbeing\Community of Practice_Physical Health Resources

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