Board visits

Five Dock.jpg

Above from left: Pam, staff at our Five Dock office (including Bailey the Labrador) and our Board members

Grant J Everett

On Friday the 29th of July, our CEO Pam Rutledge and six of our dedicated Board members went on a big tour of our organisation. Between 9am and 4:30pm they managed to fit in trips to Five Dock, Marrickville, Buck House and the Women’s and Children’s Program at Blacktown. Phew!

The whole point of the tour was to give the Board members a chance to better understand the services that we provide, and was a great opportunity to speak with the people who access these services. As you can see in the photo below, it was also a good excuse to wear neon yellow high-visibility vests!


Above from left: Paula Hanlon, Pam Rutledge, Robyn Carmody, Warwick Poulton, Dr Josey Anderson, James Herbertson, Jeremy Thorpe, Rachel Slade, and Professor Elizabeth More (Chair) at Marrickville Community Business

This trip happened to fall on the same day that Buck House was celebrating Christmas in July, so the Board were treated to a wonderful Christmas lunch while they were there. They were also treated to some angelic singing by the Choir.

Thanks for the photos, Jas Buchal, and cheers to Aidan Conway and Pam Rutledge for helping me with some facts.

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