What’s new in our business services at MARRICKVILLE?


(Above) James Carblis shows us how to fix a lawnmower on a work bench at Marrickville

Mechanical Maintenance work at Marrickville

Flourish Australia takes pride in the fact that we support our employees to develop valuable vocational skills. In a previous issue, for instance, we saw how employees at St Marys Enterpraise were looking at studying horticulture. Meanwhile at Marrickville, humans and machines are getting to know one another better!

One of the most important – but sometimes neglected – facets of running a business that involves machinery is the care and maintenance of those machines. It’s too easy to take your machines for granted…until they break down, anyway. You can avoid this issue and save both time and money by keeping your machines in top shape all the time.

At Enterpraise Marrickville, Panorama found the team working on their lawnmowers. There were three or four up on the benches while team members detailed them. Earlier in the day the team had been given a bit of training in mechanical maintenance, and now was their chance to put what they had learned in theory into practice.

The enthusiasm was palpable: it proves that the more you understand about your work and the tools of your trade, the more interesting it becomes and the more accomplished YOU become at it.


Above: Warwick shows us the massive cabinets of catalog cards waiting to be scanned

Scanning the past for future records

On the other side of the Enterpraise depot at Marrickville, a very different type of human/machine symbiosis is taking place: a large government department has brought in their stockpile of four million handwritten catalogue cards – a wealth of transaction information that stretches back half a century – so that these paper records can be transferred onto a couple of computers in electronic form. This will save the government department a lot of rent and inconvenience over time, but it goes without saying that this is a major job.

Enter Prestige Packing Co to the rescue!

We found Justyn Warren taking time out from his usual sales routine so he could help out with the massive task of transferring this catalog from the Stone Age to the Information Age with help from a couple of Kodak i4200 scanners. Once this scanning job is done, the obsolete cards will spend the rest of eternity at the Government Records Repository.

Although they’re laughably old-fashioned nowadays, at one point these filing cabinets were so common that just seeing them may bring back fond memories for any former public servant! As the photo shows, the cabinets even come in the two classic colours: government beige and government grey.

It’s easy to forget how spoiled we are with technology. Nowadays, when we need to know something we can simply Google it or check a database. Before computerisation took off in the 1990s, though, a great deal of the world’s information was kept on little bits of cardboard. Armies of clerks would spend their days searching through cards to find the right files. Sometimes, turning up one file would involve a physical trip to a huge repository, such as the sheds alongside Alexandria Canal near Sydney where literally millions of paper files now gather dust.

This task is enabling our employees to develop useful skills with modern technology, bringing them into the future just as surely as the records.


Does any of this stuff interest you? Then be sure to contact our Marrickville office, as we’re always on the lookout for new talent.You can call our friendly support worker on (02) 9393 9196 during business hours, and they can help you with your inquiry.

Address: Prestige Packing Co, 6a Rich Street, Marrickville, NSW 2201

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