Gang goes surfing 101308-IMG_8401

Fully sick, bro! From left: instructor Conrad, participant David, facilitator Laura, and participant James.

RichmondPRA’s Buckingham House at Surry Hills had a surfing group and they recommend that we all give it a try!

Facilitator Laura Coyle says, “The lessons were booked with Let’s Go Surfing Bondi (at the safer north end of the beach). The gentleman in the blue was our surf instructor, the very affable Conrad, who was very confident in the water.

“The waves were not too big and we were in the white water, shallow section. It had been raining earlier on in the day but the sun came out for us! We all had such a nice morning and we would love to spread the word so that other people don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

“The service was really great. Conrad was very chilled out and relaxed with the guys and supported them to feel confident in the water, and the guys in the shop where we got the wetsuits from and picked up the pictures from were very friendly and laid-back. It was a very pleasant experience!”

If you are thinking of hitting the surf with your local group, bear in mind that funding support may be available through RecLink:

Standard surfing lessons at Bondi cost $89 for two hours.

Below: David is STOKED


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