Play Priority Cards

priority cards.jpg

One method of teaching priorities is Priority Cards. Each card represents an expense such as “Rent,” “Haircut,” or “Pay TV.”

Working either alone or as a group, the idea is to sort the cards into different levels of importance.

It’s more fun in a group because it reveals that everybody has THEIR OWN idea of what is very important, important, or not important.

Peer Worker and MoneyMinded Facilitator Kathy Te Nuku has used MoneyMinded Priority Cards with people at Harris Park. She describes their use in groups as “very successful.”

Employees at Harris Park formed two different groups. Working as teams, each group discussed which budget items were the most important priorities for survival.

Warren’s group at Figtree even got into a spirited discussion over whether unpaid fines were “very important” or just “important!”

Most Business Service Peer Workers have the cards – or you can make up your own. Give them a try.

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