On the run with Jeff

Jeff on the run

Last year we read in Panorama about Jeff Tooth’s involvement with New Moves, a program developed by the Schizophrenia Fellowship which combines the three E’s: Education, Exercise and Eating (healthy eating, that is).

Jeff was so pleased with New Moves that he completed the training and is now a peer worker. Not only that but he has an ambition to run an ultramarathon for charity purposes.

To get in shape, over the past year or so Jeff has run a number of half marathons and even ultramarathons, including one mammoth 75km effort. You can tell he’s serious about it!
Not everyone who gets into physical fitness will want to go this far, but on the other hand, if you are determined enough and fit enough, no one will stop you trying if you do.

And yes, Jeff is thinking of recording a new CD. The rumour is it will be a more folksy sound that last years’ rocking, “Themes benevolent and personal.”

We hope to bring you more reports of Jeff’s progress with the running as they come to hand. WH

PS: Jeff is not related to Geoffrey in a preceding story.


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