Nathan Fryer: Driven

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Above: RichmondPRA Enterpraise St Marys crew

‘I’ve usually been quite driven to work,’ says Nathan Fryer.

No, he is not talking about someone giving him a lift there in a car! By ‘driven’ he means enthusiastic about work.

‘I’ve done building, carpentry, I’ve been a brickie, I’ve done packing…’ He even had his own business for about 18 months.

‘I’ve worked at Woolies at night, I’ve worked as a stonemason, I worked at a company in Huntingwood for a couple of years.’

Even while in Cumberland Hospital, he worked for about a year in the business they had going there. Then he moved up to work at RichmondPRA’s Prestige Packing Co at Harris Park for five years.

‘I worked on the pallet jack and forklift as well as doing packing work. Sometimes it was quite a challenge. The flow wrap job was repetitive, but it was also fast and sometimes that made it quite hard. But otherwise, tasks were pretty reasonable and not too difficult.’

Obviously he wanted to take on some new challenges because from Harris Park, Nathan went to take part in RichmondPRA’s six month PreEmploy institute program which prepares people for open employment.

‘You’ve got to try whatever comes up’ he explains.

From PreEmploy he did work experience at Enterpraise, mowing lawns. He used to mow lawns with his father, so he is used to mowing sport fields, factories, parks, you name it. All up he has had eight years experience. At Enterpraise ‘they said I did OK’ he says, a little understatedly. ‘Part time at first then I went full time.’

Recently he has been promoted to Team Leader. Now he is a Staff member on a salary. Manager Jay Irsaj praises his good attitude and speaks highly of his newest team leader.
So it seems a little enthusiasm goes a long way and just because you have a diagnosis does not necessarily mean you can’t progress in your career.
RichmondPRA St Marys Enterpraise
2/22 Anne Street St Marys NSW
(02) 9393 9270

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