Join the dance-led recovery

Sally loves to dance brightened

If you don’t like sport you have no excuse, because there is always DANCE to help you keep in top physical and mental shape.

Morning Mood Moves OR How inert bodies can be excited into motion in the workplace

Many bodies have trouble getting moving in the morning. Sir Isaac Newton called this “inertia” and it is one of the iron laws of the cosmos. However, Mihaela and the people from RichmondPRA’s Prestige Packing Co West Ryde decided to apply another of Newton’s laws to overcome the morning inertia of bodies in a work place. The law of action-reaction.

“We wheeled out the TV and the DVD into the general area and started playing some short exercises, like stretching, just for two minutes at a time.” Gradually, all of the employees at West Ryde began to get up one by one and move their bodies, overcoming their inertia. “We use it every morning, employees and staff as well, to lift up our mood.”

Mihaela does not claim to be a fitness fanatic, but she has noticed two important developments. Firstly, people enjoy this short warm up. Secondly, the employees actually push the staff to have these warm up sessions every day. This is Newton’s law of “initiative,” I believe.

“It’s only very light exercise,” Mihaela assures us. Although after a couple of months, they have progressed to Zumba. “At first, the instructors do it at full speed. Everyone thinks: How can I do that? Then they break it down move by move. Now everybody can Zumba!”
This idea came out of meetings of Australian Disability Enterprise Community of Practice within RichmondPRA, which goes to show that a Community of Practice can really get things moving if you let it!

Actually, Sally LOVES to dance…

Sally Cineta loves to dance. At the moment you will find her at Prestige Packing Co Marrickville feeding the workers with Harri in the Kitchen. You might not know that she has a degree in Economic History, Asian Studies and Linguistics with a Diploma of Education.

She can do Jazz ballet, Salsa, Zumba, Cha cha cha, Tango, Hawaiian, 1950s Rock and Roll and modern dancing. She has danced professionally at the Seymour Centre. When she was thirteen years old, she and her sister went to Angel Place Sydney to learn from a dance teacher who was a graduate of the Fame school in New York City!

Sally even donned a grass skirt and bikini top to do Hawaiian Dancing. “It’s easy!” says Sally enthusiastically: “Single single, single single, double double, double double and use your bottom to move the grass skirt.” Sally likes to dance to 80s music, like Rick Astley and Madonna. She also does a very stylish Michael Jackson routine!

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