Gardening and landcare work


Pictured above: Nathan Fryer, team leader at St Marys Enterpraise

Do you like outdoor work? Do you hate being cooped up in an office like a battery chook? Do you love the great outdoors, the birds, the trees, the sun, the rain, the mud, the spiderwebs? Are you physically fit and not afraid of bending or getting down on the ground? Then LANDCARE may be the job for you!

The idea of landcare workers is to restore and maintain native bushland and farmland. Landcare workers include Bushland Regenerators and Environmental Field Officers. The work involves the following sort of tasks:

• Weeding (without disturbing the native, local plants).

• Using herbicides (weed-killer)

• Collecting seeds for propagation, especially native plants

• Planting native trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers

• Collecting botanical and environmental data (counting and measuring trees, mapping out where the vegetation is etc)

• Constructing tracks and other facilities in bushland

• Looking after and using equipment for pruning trees and removing debris

• Combating salinity by applying control measures

• Assisting with pest eradication (if you like bunny rabbits, you may find this unpalatable, but they do a lot of damage to the native flora)

• Bushland regeneration aims to restore disrupted bushland to its pristine state.

• Environmental field officers minimise the harmful effects of human activity on the environment.

What you will need

This is physical work, so you need to get in shape. Having attention to detail and being a good team worker are also important.

Formal qualifications are not always necessary. Training is often given on the job. However, if you have formal qualifications, it will improve your chances of getting hired. Try a VET course in conservation and land management.

There are traineeships in Conservation and Land Management as well –you’ll probably require Year 10 for that.

For further information

Forestry Corporation of NSW 1300 655 687

Greening Australia NSW 02 9560 9144


National Landcare Directory:

The National Landcare Directory (NLD) is a network of community environmental ‘care’ groups across Australia, including Landcare Networks and support organisations. Groups that fall under the Landcare umbrella are varied in nature and don’t necessarily include “Landcare” in their group name. Find details about a local landcare group to volunteer and learn about Landcare activities in your area. Looks good in a resume.

• Get involved and volunteer at a special event, find out about regular activities/working bees and environmental workshops and training available in your local area –show your community spirit

• Learn from other projects – read about environmental projects that Landcare Australia has funded in partnership with our Corporate Partners.

Queensland Water and land carers directory:

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