About Keenan


Keenan Mundine works as an Aboriginal Activities Worker and Mentor for the Kool Kids Club. Back when he was their age Keenan would have really benefited from something like the Kool Kids Club, but sadly he wasn’t so lucky. Growing up in The Block at Redfern, Keenan witnessed a lot of horrible things that no small child should have to see, such as hard drug use, alcohol abuse, crime, violence and a constant police presence. Worse yet, Keenan and his two older brothers lost both parents within the space of a couple of years, and were soon separated from each other by a huge geographical distance.

Unfortunately, as a result of his environment Keenan grew up thinking that all of this chaos was how life was meant to be lived, and things unravelled as you’d expect. Keenan’s criminal record officially began at 14, and over the next few years he experienced an all-too-common revolving door situation with juvenile detention. Sadly, a lot of Keenan’s family and friends are trapped in the exact same spiral, and many of them are still going in pointless circles to this day.

Once he turned 18 Keenan was officially too old for juvie, so the next time he got locked up it was for 4 straight years in adult correctional facilities, including the infamous Goulburn supermax. During his first stint as an adult inmate, Keenan decided he was going to work at breaking the way he’d been programmed by his environment, and devoted his time in jail to studying and learning about self-development. In time, Keenan was a free man again, but now he’s left behind the revolving door, and has been working with Weave Youth & Community Services to help support and inspire the next generation of kids and keep them motivated to stay engaged in education.

We’d also like to congratulate Keenan and his partner for their newborn bub. All the best, guys.



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