Recovery Online: SANE peer to peer forums

Jas with laptop.jpg

Above: Jas logs on and learns why Christmas isn’t so popular with some people!

If you need to talk to a peer about something, and you can’t find a peer worker, you can do the next best thing: go to a peer-to-peer internet forum. The SANE organisation runs two forums on the internet, one for people with a lived experience of mental health issues, and one for carers. Here, you can interact with people who have first hand experience of these issues!

Jas, RichmondPRA’s social media person, has been learning a lot about the experience of mental health issues from reading the forum. For example, being a Christmassy person, she read the forum on “Finding joy in Christmas” and discovered that Christmas is not always popular with people who experience mental health issues.

Participants can remain anonymous, and Jas tells us that there are some nifty regulars in the online community who are good at putting people in touch with resources. You can send in suggestions for topics and questions to be covered.

On Fridays, for example, there are career chats involving Ostara Australia covering topics like How to appear confident, To work or not to work?, Handling rejection while job hunting, How to stand out (in the right way!) to a potential employer, and so on.

Every Monday is “Ask anything Monday.” Send in the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask in person, and the online community will answer.

Click below to go to the SANE forums.

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