Highway to Well

Acca Daccas

Last November, a group from RichmondPRA’s Moore Street house at Leichhardt went to see AC/DC at the ANZ stadium. Warren from Panorama relived the experience with David and Guy in the backyard at Moore Street over a dozen cupcakes.

Winston Churchill said, “If you find yourself marching through hell… keep going!”

And that’s exactly what AC/DC have done, although the way they describe hell it sounds more like heaven. The death of their lead singer Bon Scott did not stop them. Drummer Phil Rudd’s, ahem, “personal issues” did not stop them. The early retirement of Malcolm Young to a nursing home did not stop them. Nothing can stop them! It’s been over 40 years since Angus young was expelled from school, but he’s still wearing the uniform and AC/DC is still showing the resilience of hard rock.

This is what they call The Highway to Well.

Neither David nor Guy had ever seen AC/DC live in concert before, although David had seen them on film once at the Powerhouse museum. Both were stoked in the live show and wore their AC/DC tee shirts to prove it.

Guy went to see Public Enemy and ICE-T “about 20 years ago,” so this show has been a long time coming. “AC/DC was the best!” he said.

David reckoned the high point of the November show was “Shoot to Thrill,” and to demonstrate, he launched into the song. He suggested that Guy might like to play Angus Young to his Brian Johnson, but there was no air guitar just yet. David followed that up with an enthusiastic chorus of “Who made who?”

Back in November, while AC/DC were on stage singing about how “Hell is not such a bad place,” the Heavens opened and the crowd got a good drenching of rain. “We got wet” Guy recalls, “but it didn’t worry us!”

And the band? They played “Thunderstruck.” Perfect timing!

David gave us a rousing chorus of Thunderstruck to demonstrate followed by “Black Betty” which isn’t really an AC/DC number, but hey, as the famous song says: Rock and Roll is just … Rock and Roll!

Another highlight of the show (or so Warren claimed he read in the press) had to do with the four giant video screens the band used. A lady in the audience was no doubt feeling the heat and she was hoisted up on someone’s shoulders to cool down. Even that wasn’t enough, so she removed her top and of course, appeared on the video screens much to the crowd’s delight. Of course, Guy and Dave, who are both gentlemen, had not noticed this distraction at all and instead concentrated on the band and its mighty music.

David launched into a mighty rendition of “Let There Be Rock.” THIS time, Warren could hold back no longer, and joined him on air guitar.

But it wasn’t just music. There was merchandise. They were selling red devil horns which GLOWED in the dark, however neither David nor Guy bought a pair: one has to keep within one’s budget.

Warren was keen on doing a rendition of “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” but the February heat was too much. Besides, there were no cupcakes left, so the three of them retired indoors for a quick photo session.

During that, it was revealed that Guy was off to see The Game later in the month. No, not a footy game, but The Game. We hope to bring you a report of The Game later, so stay tuned…

Thanks to Antonella Egitto and the people at Moore Street for organising this story.

Thank you ANZ Stadium!

Connie and the gang all wanted to mention how much they appreciated the staff at the venue who accommodated David who has trouble climbing steep stairs. The seats that were allocated were up the very top which meant David would not have been able to climb up. The staff at ANZ Stadium relocated him so he didn’t have to walk up which made David feel very relieved.

RichmondPRA Leichhardt
152 Moore Street 2040
9393 9377

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