Desley’s Crazy YPOP Adventure


I have had a crazy adventure and journey with YPOP. I am 1,000% certain they have made a massive difference in my life!

Though on the other hand it just doesn’t seem real enough for me to come off as a sane person, if I were to talk about it. It’s been quite surreal.

I want to start off by mentioning that four months after joining up with YPOP (the Young Person’s Action Program) I started a journal. I wanted to see how my life was going to change over a year, not necessarily because of YPOP. However, I found myself going through a lot of my diary entries recently, and realised they have been a big part of the positive changes I have had over the last 14 months I’ve been working with them. They have helped me in so many ways that I don’t know where to start. I want to say a massive big thanks to Jimmy Acosta, Silvia, Kevin and Liz, who helped assist me in going to my doctors’ appointments, helping me become more self-aware of my mental health, assisting me in getting a birth certificate, and encouraging and motivating me to leave my house when I couldn’t even think about opening my front door.

I have regained socialising skills from meeting new people who are also in the program, and in doing so I have created friendships with a bunch of wonderful people. The YPOP team also supported me through the dark stage I was going through this year, and have done so much more that went unmentioned.

One of the many questions I answered on the forms to officially exit out of the program asked, “what would I change about my experience with YPOP?” I honestly wouldn’t change anything! The program and the people I have met have helped make me who I am today. The universe lead me down this path, so that I was given the help I needed to be more mentally healthier, and I am more mentally healthier then when I started the program. I am more self aware and understanding towards my mental health issues, and I plan to carry on the positive streak I have had. I will not let my depression and anxiety control my life.

I know for a fact that the Young Peoples Outreach Program will help others like myself.
Though my time with YPOP has come to an end, I will hold the memories and advice I was given very dear to me. Getting to know the team and a little bit about themselves made the journey more comfortable and easy. I’ll miss the wise words Jimmy speaks about life and other things, hearing about Silvia’s cat eating plants, and also how Silvia doesn’t like vegetables, even though she’s a vegetarian, and Kevin’s strangeness and seeing his great sense of direction in action.

Thank you YPOP, truly for the amazing opportunities and doors you have opened for me, for the friendships I have made on the outings, for giving me back a little bit of my sanity and your understanding. 10 years from now, I wont forget I was a YPOP-er. The progress I have achieved in the last 14 months (with the help of the team) are the stepping stones they’ve helped me build for my future. Thank you YPOP for so much you have given me.

And thank you for taking the time to read this.

– Desley Field


Want to get involved? Contact…

RichmondPRA Kogarah
Young Persons’
Outreach Program
Level 1, 15 Kensington Street,2217
9393 9617

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