Month: March 2016

Bad habits and hard numbers

Grant J Everett

As reading official figures is about as exciting as a cardboard sandwich on stale brown bread, the Australian Bureau of Statistics put together a short animated video about their latest findings when it comes to our health and habits. As this is a very broad subject, the ABS primarily focused on preventable risk factors to our health, which included all the usual suspects: smoking, drinking, obesity, and a lack of exercise. The animated video can be viewed here.

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Grevillea Cottages Mount Druitt Prevention And Recovery Centre

Games at Grevillea 2

Grevillea Cottages at Mount Druitt is a place where people with mental health issues can stay while accessing a combination of services to help their recovery. It is a place where you can receive clinical services without being admitted to hospital, and it also has the social support services that we offer at our other RichmondPRA sites.

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Talking about Sexual Orientation in the Workplace

WARREN HEGGARTY then looks at the pros, cons and legalities of disclosing one’s sexual orientation in the workplace.


John Browne, a former CEO of the Oil Company BP, was forced to resign in 2007 when a former gay lover sold his story to a newspaper. Shortly afterwards, Walmart withdrew an offer for him to join that company’s board because the publicity might have harmed the company which is based in Arkansas, not a gay-friendly state. Although he feels that life has since become easier for LGBT people, Browne says he regrets the fact that he was not open enough about his orientation before the newspaper story revealed it in the worst possible light.

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Education, Support and Advocacy: An Evening with OCD and Me

Dr Brakoulias

By Grant J Everett

Nepean Hospital hosted a forum called An Evening with OCD and Me to raise awareness about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Dr Vlasios Brakoulias ran the event, and he’d invited along quite a few highly-accomplished experts who specialise in the many different facets of OCD, including the psychological, pharmaceutical and behavioural aspects.

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