Rest and Recover Residence Revisited

Spinnaker on Spinnaker

Spinnaker Sharon Keenan.jpg

Here’s how RichmondPRA’s peer-operated service at Hervey Bay has been helping to keep people out of hospital and on the road of their recovery journey.

Officially opened on the 31st of January 2014, Spinnaker on Spinnaker is a four bedroom home which provides a comfortable environment for anybody who either feels they are becoming unwell or who otherwise need respite from their home environment. The core hope of Spinnaker on Spinnaker is that a few weeks in a peaceful environment may assist people to avoid potential hospital admissions.

In addition to providing a time-out from their current environment, residents of Spinnaker on Spinnaker also have the opportunity to receive extra support in maintaining their ongoing recovery, to work on personal challenges, and to focus on their future plans. Guests have time and space to identify their support network, where their support people fit in, who they’d call in an emergency, as well as how they would manage having a time out when life gets rough.

In the last eighteen months Spinnaker on Spinnaker has provided 5,564 hours of rest-and-recovery to twenty-seven peers. As well as locals from Hervey Bay itself, people have been known to travel all the way from Bundaberg and Maryborough to Hervey Bay to access Spinnaker on Spinnaker. Some of the people who have accessed Spinnaker on Spinnaker mentioned that they’d felt nervous about the idea of being away from home at the start, though once they arrive they find that the house is so very peaceful, calm and restful that those nerves vanish. After all, it isn’t a hospital!

The in-house support is provided by peer workers who have lived experiences of mental health issues, so their help comes without pressure or judgement. People who access this service have found the staff to be a great team of people who are very approachable and caring.

It’s expected that Spinnaker on Spinnaker will prevent (or substantially reduce) the number of hospital admissions experienced by people living with mental health issues in the Wide Bay Area of Queensland, as Spinnaker on Spinnaker gives people the space to rest, clear their mind, and focus on their future.

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