Kate’s Early Intervention

Did you know that Kate Middleton has made the mental health of young children a key focus of her work in recent years? HRH the Duchess of Cambridge is the patron of Place2Be, a British organisation which provides support to school children facing emotional challenges.

Cropped Kate Middleton at Emotional Strength and Resilience Forum

In order to spread awareness of mental health issues, she was recently guest editor of the UK edition of The Huffington Post. She used the opportunity to commission contributions from leading figures in mental health as well as young people.

This is what she wrote in the launch issue of the Journal of Place2Be:

“The challenges facing children in today’s society can seem overwhelming. Issues such as addiction, poverty, abuse and neglect, loss and illness of family members can have a long lasting and traumatic impact. Left unsupported, children experiencing these problems… risk developing low aspirations [and] poor educational achievement.”

She has also participated at a forum called Resilience and Emotional Strength in Schools. As well as Place2Be, Kate has lent her support to a program run by Sport Relief which aims to help children whose parents have drug or alcohol problems. They hope to prevent such problems passing between generations.


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