Month: March 2016

Genetic proof of schizophrenia?


In search of the mysterious biology of mental health issues

By Grant J Everett

The biological cause(s) of schizophrenia are still cloaked in uncertainty. Detecting this mental health issue will usually involve a psychiatrist going through a list of questions from the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual V (abbreviated to the DSM-V, also nicknamed “The Psychiatrist’s Bible”). There’s no way to detect schizophrenia through blood tests, brain scans or any other measurable, quantitative means, as schizophrenia doesn’t have any physical hallmarks. This means mental health professionals normally have to spot the more obvious outward signs that a person is experiencing psychosis such as social withdrawal, confusion, blunted emotions, paranoia, or a number of other things.

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Peace within, peace without

Grant reviews The Peace of Mind Expo, 2015

Peace of Mind

Although I’d heard about it in previous years, this was the first time I’d attended the Peace of Mind Expo out at sunny St Marys. Despite my legendary lack of direction I was able to find the Expo simply by starting at the train station and wandering up Queen Street in a straight line until I found Memorial Hall. As physically getting there in the first place was my main worry, this was a good start to the day.

The Peace of Mind Expo is like this: imagine a big indoor market area full of over sixty stalls and tables, but instead of selling faulty lava lamps and fake Nike sneakers, the “product” the Expo provides is a one-stop shop for all your self-care needs.

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Jess proves it: we CAN take our meds AND keep the weight off

Many people with mental health issues take prescribed medications that can cause their weight to increase – sometimes dramatically. JESSICA, an employee from RichmondPRA’s Enterpraise at Penrith, put on 53 kilograms. Instead of despairing, she decided to get back to something a little below her former weight without stopping her medication, taking risks, or other drama.

Jess in work gear wider space DSC03003

BEFORE AND AFTER: Jess today at 78kg wearing the work clothes that fitted her when she was 123kg.

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