The real human value of our business services

prestige packingPictured: Prestige Packing Harris Park

Prestige Packing Co has sites at Marrickville, Harris Park and West Ryde, and all three of them exclusively employ people who live with mental health issues and want to work.

Packing, like manufacturing and transport, is a vitally important part of the process of getting products onto supermarket shelves, yet it’s easy to overlook how many tens of thousands of workers are involved in this industry just across New South Wales alone. While we only employ a few hundred of the people who do production line work in this state, their efforts helps make it possible for our organisation to fund our many services and to offer the many other kinds of support we give to  people with mental health issues.

Have you heard of…

Our community enterprises do huge jobs all the time. One of the biggest contracts handled by Prestige Packing is bundling up packets of of nuts, screws and bolts for Bremick, and these contracts can vary from five to thirty pallets at a time. As another example of the scale we work with, it’s not unusual for West Ryde to receive deliveries of thousands of cases of mouth rinse, and Marrickville once had  job from The Model Co that involved assembling two and a half thousand display stands that consisted of five shelves per stand and over one hundred and twenty items per shelf. All of these displays were then shipped off to Woolworths. Lisa Sorenson, our Sales and Marketing Manager, was very impressed by this particular job.

“This was an enormous team effort with many extra hours put in!”  Lisa said as congratulations.

You may have even purchased products that were packed or assembled at one of our sites and not even known it, as Prestige Packing Co fulfills contracts involving major products for well-known companies, such as hygiene travel packs for Colgate, luxury makeup sets from Shiseido, and we also shrink-wrap Moshi Monsters magazines and video game hint books. Our last job for the Commonwealth Bank involved a million components, by the way.

Who benefits?

Aside from the straight economic value, our workplaces also have great value in the lives of the people who work there. The opportunity for employment – especially paid work – is vitally important to an effective recovery from mental health issues and we hope to show that this is not just talk, but fact.

So, the next time you put on some makeup, gargle mouth rinse or tighten some nuts and bolts, think of us!

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