Keeping busy means keeping well: Nancy B

Nancy Begley in colour DSC01577Nancy B spent many years working with Prestige Packing in Harris Park before becoming a valued member of the Figtree Conference Centre. She spoke with Panorama about her recovery journey, and how keeping busy is a huge part of making the most of life.

“The work environment you find at Prestige Packing at Harris Park or Figtree Conference Centre, where people understand you, makes it so much easier to always work at your best!” Nancy told Panorama.

Nancy knows her strengths and how to make the most of them.

“I’m polite and friendly, I like working, and I always put in one hundred percent. Sometimes it may take me a little while to learn a new skill, but once I do pick it up, it’s a cinch! I also like to arrive early to work in order to prepare, because having plenty of time to prepare means I won’t panic about things at the last minute.”

Before joining our team, Nancy had some experience in the aged care industry.

“I used to be an Assistant in Nursing with an aged care organisation. When I became unwell I had to give this up, but thankfully I left the job with a good record. Following this, a social worker put me onto (Richmond)PRA so I could keep busy. I joined the Prestige Packing team at Harris Park and did production line work there for a few years until I began an exiting new job at Figtree Conference Centre in the hospitality department. My boss at Harris Park, Norman Rwambiwa, told me that whenever I’m not needed at Figtree I’m still welcome to come and work a shift at Harris Park. Keith Christiansen, my new boss at Figtree, is really good to me too, as are my co-workers, like Cathy and Derya.”

Nancy is pretty happy with life at the moment.

“I like waking up on the days when I’m due to work at Figtree or Harris Park, because I already know that I’m going to have a good shift! Lots of people at Harris Park say hello to me and are all very friendly, even the ones I don’t know very well. It’s great that my co-workers treat me so well because it makes me want to come to work even more. If I was doing nothing I’d go mad. Keeping busy means not thinking about my problems all the time, so keeping busy means keeping well.“

Although her nursing days are in the past, Nancy still picked up some valuable lessons along the way.

“When I was working at the nursing home, my bosses Teresa and Vicki taught me to think carefully about the way I treat the older people under my care, as that’s the way I’ll be treated when I become their age.Nursing was very demanding, but it turned out that I was really good at the practical side of the job. There’s also a lot of paperwork and other admin stuff, but I’m not as keen on that side of it. My bosses always treated me with kindness and dignity.”

Interested in joining the Prestige Packing team?

Prestige Packing Harris Park

23-25 Station Street West, Harris Park, NSW 2150

Phone: (02) 9393 9170


Prestige Packing West Ryde

Unit 6, 7-9 Rhodes Street, West Ryde, NSW 2114

Phone: (02) 9393 9250


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