Diverse duties done daily: Anothony Marfia


Anthony Marfia is employed by Prestige Packing at West Ryde, where he’s spent ten years working his way up through the ranks to become a leading hand. His diverse duties involve operating a skin packer, making deliveries in a truck and using a forklift as a qualified operator. Anthony’s general tasks vary from day to day, but can involve packing, using the pallet jack, general assembly, operating the compactor and pallet wrapper and he even does a bit of general cleaning. Anthony feels confident in all of his duties.

Anthony enjoys coming to Prestige Packing West Ryde and looks forward to doing his job, as he finds that devoting his time to something constructive and worthwhile is very helpful in managing his recovery. After all, Anthony knows a golden secret: the benefits of employment go beyond just earning money, as we are all defined by what we do, where we want to go in life and what motivates us to get there.

Before RichmondPRA, Anthony also worked as book binder and finisher for two separate companies: Snap Printing, and Kwik Kopy. Binders and finishers are employed to fold, collate, stitch, trim, cover and enhance a range of printed products by hand or with a machine. Anthony enjoyed this job, but prefers what he is doing now at Prestige Packing.

Anthony’s mental health issues first appeared around 1998, but over time Anthony has reached stability on his current medication. One pill that worked well for his symptoms was Seroquel, though it has the downside of being quite sedating in large doses. Anthony has also developed insight into how to manage the side effects of his medication, and we can all benefit from knowing how to work with our symptoms and side effects.

Anthony went through to Year 10 at high school, where he was good at art, but he wants to further his education by learning more about computers (a very good field to learn about for the future).

Balancing work and study can be tough, but as Michael Jordan once said: “I do what others won’t, so I can achieve what others can’t.”

Anthony has many hobbies and pastimes he enjoys, such as watching movies. He loves comedies most of all, especially the original Dumb & Dumber with Jim Carey, as well as lots of action flicks. He also enjoys playing computer games and watching a bit of TV.

Anthony still enjoys drawing and painting just as much as in high school, and plays with his sister’s Pomeranians on a regular basis.

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