Wake up early, meet nice people: Sally

Buckprint and Prestige Packing employee Sally sums it up like this: “I’m happy working for RichmondPRA. I’m not greedy and it keeps me out of mischief three days a week. It makes me want to wake up early and meet nice people!”

Panorama is wondering what Sally means by “mischief”, because when she’s not working in the staff canteen or on the shop floor, she’s a preacher.

“Preaching is my life,” Sally says, but she only does this as a volunteer, so she needs to work a day job, too.

“Everything is a choice,” Sally says as she slices through a huge onion for the day’s lunch menu. “When I was at uni getting my two degrees, I worked as a cleaner to support myself.”

Sally has a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient and Modern Economic History and she also studied dance. Sally previously worked in marketing and teleresearch for some major companies, though once she began to experience problems with mental health issues she started to attend RichmondPRA. She worked the reception desk at Buckprint when it operated in Surry Hills and nowadays she works at Marrickville, where just one of her tasks are helping out in the canteen.

While being interviewed, Sally continued slicing the veggies and making up sandwich orders while her hard-working colleague (who was too modest to be identified in Panorama), busies herself with washing up the tea things and preparing coffee mugs.

“Coming to work here three days per week, plus being on the DSP, I can save up enough money to go overseas now and then.” Sally has family all over the world, but mostly in the Phillippines.

We asked Sally what she thought of the Commonwealth Government’s new limitation on overseas holidays for people on the DSP: “Four weeks is enough for me.”

Of course, one major thing that contributes to Sally’s ability to save for holidays is NOT SMOKING. Maybe this is the “mischief” to which she was referring?

-Sally spoke to Warren Heggarty

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