Moving forward: aqua aerobics

Jeanette AquarobicsJeanette Rodriguez is one of our peer workers at RichmondPRA. Here she gives a personal account of overcoming fear and taking a plunge in the right direction:

“So much has changed in my life now and I find myself wanting to do the things I’ve always loved, but had become fearful of doing. One of the things I decided to do was to start Aqua Aerobics at my local swimming pool.

“I love it so much! It makes me feel relaxed. My fitness is also improving, and it helps with the pain in my back. But most of all, I feel like me again! I feel like the old Jeanette, before all the anxiety problems. This has brought so much joy and self-confidence back into my life.

“One of the reasons this is so much more than just exercise for me is because I have overcome a very real long-term fear I had with water. I used to love the water; swimming, going to the beach and I loved a relaxing bath of an evening. All that changed when I was planning a relaxing bath one evening and, out of nowhere, I had a massive panic attack. This led to me spending three weeks in hospital. For many years afterwards, I became so fearful of going into the water!

“I would watch my son at swimming lessons, or my friends enjoying themselves at the beach, but my fear held me back from entering the water. It also robbed me of those fun times that you would share as a parent with your children at the beach or having fun in the pool on holidays.

“Well, those days are long gone now. There’s no point in looking back; I’m just focused on moving forward and enjoying my fear-free time doing my Aqua Aerobics.

“And loving it…”

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