Pension facts


To be eligible for the Disability Support Pension (DSP), you have to be permanently blind or have a physical, intellectual, or psychiatric impairment that makes you unable to work for 15 hours per week. Almost every one of our readers will already know this. The basics are basic, but the DSP can be a labyrinth to beginners.

The amount of money you receive on the DSP will depend on your income (salary) and assets (things you own, like property). You can earn up to $160 a fortnight clear before it starts to eat into your pension, but don’t let this stop you! Keep in mind that a single person on the DSP would have to be raking in $1,845.60 a fortnight to completely lose their benefits (and if you’re lucky enough to be raking in $922 a week, we salute you!) However, the amount you can earn before your payment reduces to $0 may be higher if you are eligible for Rent Assistance.

One benefit to working with our organisation is that RichmondPRA is an expert at providing vocational rehabilitation for people with mental health issues, so we know how the system works. Our many sites specifically employ people with a lived experience, so you can rely on our expertise in balancing your DSP and wage as best we can.

The DSP is a big subject. If you’d like to know more about your specific situation, you can find every morsel of information at:

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